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Where to Find the Best Whitewater Rafting Company in Oregon

Today is going to be a little bit different from the Home Scales team. We’re exploring a great family adventures spot outside of Grants Pass, Oregon. Orange Torpedo Trips. White water rafting adventures.

Experience the ultimate in family adventure along with the best whitewater rafting company in Oregon Orange Torpedo Trips. Whether you are simply out to touch sides with your family members before the winter season is upon us, or you want to bond with workmates, rafting the Rogue, Salmon, Klamath, Owyhee or Klamath River, happens to be among the best adrenaline rising adventures to participate in.


What Difference does it Make Which Rafting Company you chose to go with?

A lot of people love the great outdoors, and whitewater rafting is no exception here. Maybe you decided a week long vacation with your family is long overdue. Nothing comes close to rafting wild torrents and connecting with experienced rafters who have a tale or two to share with you. Believe it or not, experiencing rafting at its best is simply not the same if you’ve chosen a mediocre excursion company.

Make no mistake, you need to connect with the best rafting company if you want to have fond memories of your adventures on one of the rivers mentioned. Especially if it so happens that it is your very first time rafting. Nothing can be more annoying than realizing you’ve spent a lot of money and have to put up with sub-standard service.

The only way to make the most of your whitewater rafting experience would be to jump in with both feet by not overthinking it, and ensuring you are hooking up with the best company. Someone like Orange Torpedo Trips, who are seasoned experts with the sole mission of providing all participants with an exciting and unforgettable time on board any of the many rivers made available for this type of adventure.

Take the great Salmon River for instance. It is not all that far off from what is referred to as the Continental Divide where you get to veer west, thankfully away from civilization into the wide open. Just you, your fellow rafter and the Outfitters of course. The only sure way to access this famous river would be using a float or jet boat.

On the other hand, this is not totally correct. People would also horseback ride or backpack into the area. The key take away most rafters remember from tackling rafting adventures on board the Salmon River was the experience they had with river guides. They were thoroughly impressed with the services received and the well-organized activities that were arranged for their enjoyment. It included many multi adventurers so that everyone could experience various levels of excitement.

Experienced Whitewater Guides Ensure You Have the Time of Your Life
For anyone to experience the most exciting time on board the Rogue River, ( rogue river rafting map ) requires the timely guidance of reputed River Guides who are game for providing one with a thrilling whitewater adventure like no other.
The best part is that rafting companies such as Orange Torpedo Trips happens to be the best resource for offering numerous fun-filled activities on board one of their boats. For these guys, it is all about the safety and health of their fellow rafters. They successfully guided many a person through the wild and scenic parts of the Rogue River, and the intend continuing to do so.

Choose from a One-Day to a Multi-Day Trip Rafting Adventure
Top whitewater rafting companies like the one mentioned go all out to ensure you have an unforgettable experience on board the river of your choice. Best of all, they cater for your budget in that they have various packages on offer, which includes a fantastic, easy to follow daily roster, so you know what to expect at any given time.
One thing is for sure, locking sides with experienced river guides are very reassuring and makes you want to return time and time again, knowing your safety is of utmost importance, and you get to learn a thing or two.

Young and old feel as free as a breeze as they are fully aware at all times that they are in good hands. Whitewater rafting is after all not to be taken as a joke and should be considered as an adventurous sport for which anyone should have the greatest respect for. Orange Torpedo Trips certainly do not fall short of the stringent requirements placed upon many of the excursion companies in the area. You can reach out to them on 800-635-2925 at any time you want, and they will gladly advise you of your best options.

Working from Home 101

Working from home is the dream right? Of course.
Now is it all peaches and fairy dust when working from home? No way in hell!
I’ve owned my business for 5 years now and working from home is WAY better than any office job but things can be really stressful during the slow season and when things at home start to pile up.
In order to eliminate these stressful times and even slow times during the summer, I went out and hired Grants Pass SEO agency, Moving Mountains Advisors.
They’re the leading SEO firm out of Oregon and have helped hundreds of businesses get top positions online. I chose them because I wanted to eliminate the down times and this is the pain point they hit in their marketing messages.

Home Scales - Work From Home

It is like acquiring a new toy when you first get involved in the fascinating world of online marketing. Finding out how anything to do with Grants Pass SEO works can be great fun. You may want to compare it to assembling a model plane or putting a puzzle together. The moment you place that last bit together, then it is like the lights come on. This is the kind of results you can expect when you choose to work with Moving Mountains Advisors as the leading online marketing company in the Rogue Valley.

Unfortunately, most business owners out there struggle to make search engine optimization work for them and in getting top results from advertising what they have to offer future customers. That is until they discover specialists in SEO who has what it takes to show them the ropes and how to make internet marketing work for them. This is where expert online marketers like Moving Mountain Advisors prove to be invaluable.

Mid adult woman sitting on floor, leaning on sofa, talking on, using laptop, side view

How Moving Mountain Advisors Will Put Your Business on Google’s Map in Terms of Ranking Tops

It can be genuinely very dazzling, putting everything in place so you can experience sterling results in terms of SEO. You need to put an eye-catching website together that proves to be pleasing and useful to your readers. Besides that, your concept needs to make sense, so you do not frighten your visitors away.

Website owners have to deal with CPV, CPA, PPC, captivating landing pages, the right keyword phrases, organic backlinks, and more. How do you know you are putting all these essentials for ranking high on the search engines in the right order. In other words, what should you be focusing on before you invest your money in various forms of advertising?

Have you considered an SEO friendly web redesign taken care of by Grants Pass SEO experts? Allow Moving Mountain Advisors to furnish you with a search engine optimization blueprint to ensure you rank higher on the searches without having to experience the pain of getting it right all by yourself.

After all, they will provide step by step guidance with regards to online marketing strategies, social media management and tried and tested search engine optimization techniques. You can be assured of fast and effective services that will get you up and running as the force to be reckoned with, in no time. Whether it be for the purpose of setting up a new site or working with an existing site, they will ensure you achieve success. Moving Mountain Advisors are the best in the business of optimizing your business. You are welcome to visit their premises at 423 NW 6th St Ste. #101 Grants Pass, OR 97526 at any time.
Why bother trying to master SEO principle, all on your own. Those who did found it took them two years and longer, coupled with endless frustration in terms of wasting useful resources and money. It is so much better learning from the experts who specialize in advertising and online marketing.

Why Moving Mountains Advisors?

Why you should give Moving Mountain Advisors a go in getting your business to feature on the 1st pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing? One thing about these guys, they focus a lot on thinking the way your prospects do. By being helpful and caring to your visitors, you are sure to catch the attention of your target market.

This is what you can expect from Moving Mountain Advisors:

* The best service and support to ensure your offer makes a real impact on your visitors while the search engine bots do not face any disappointing errors either.

* World class guidance on how to optimize your site the best possible way

* Various tools, techniques and proven blueprints are being incorporated to help create an online presence that is truly impressive

* Each & every page of your site will get an in-depth analysis to ensure the most popular keywords within your given industry are being used

* Onsite SEO to see to it that every page on your site ranks well and drives traffic

* Primary and secondary keywords and phrases are optimized for the search engines

* Link building techniques are incorporated and linked to pages that are relevant to your content

* Monthly search engine optimization reports in terms of your site’s performance, which will include how well each keyword ranks on multiple search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Home Business - SEO

We are only touching the surface here. There is much more being offered by Moving Mountain Advisors. Why not visit their site at http://mvngmts.com to see how they can help you rank on the first page of Google?

Overall these guys have helped me double my income and cut my time working in half. I’ve been able to raise my prices because I rank higher online and look more legit but at the same time take on less jobs. I love it. My husband loves my energy ;) and my kids love that I can kick for them!

Micro-hydro Generators : Alternative Energy for Your Home

Do you take electricity for granted in your life? Most of us admit that we do until it comes time to pay the electrical bill. Then, we often want to cry. Many people are becoming increasingly fearful of an attack on the electrical grid. Man can produce these attacks using bombs, but so can the sun which can produce sun spots that damage the system. Once down, the system may be down for many months. In fact, the United States and most developed countries have no real plan for recovering from an attack on the electrical grid. Therefore, being able to produce your electricity is a real advantage.

To produce your own electricity, you have three options. We can harness the powers of wind, but the wind does not blow all the time which causes the system to not work effectively. You can also use solar power, but the sun does not shine all the time, and these systems can be very expensive. Therefore, if you live near a stream or other water source, then using a DIY Hydro Generator system may be a great option for you. They are more efficient than wind turbines and are much cheaper than traditional solar units. Regardless of rather you are going to build your own or have someone else construct it; you’ll need to know the different parts to a micro-hydro generator and their functions. Understanding the different parts allows you to design the system that is best for you and your needs.


Intake Screen Box

Before you can harness the energy from water, you need clean water. There are several options to make sure that your water is clean. Having a large pool of water near the system’s intake allows the debris to sink to the bottom where it is not a problem. Others choose to use a sloped intake screen. With this option, the water runs across the top of a screen with the clean water entering the system and the debris floating on down the stream.


You will need the pipeline to carry the water from its collection point to the micro DIY hydro electric generator’s turbine. PVC pipe is buried for this purpose because it does not freeze, it helps to protect the water from ultraviolet light damage, and it is easy to keep from shifting. Burying the PVC pipe also keeps it from harm from animals, although you will want to mark the location of the pipe if you might dig further in the area.

Micro Hydro - APMHydro


Obviously, the turbine is the most important part of your system because it produces the electricity. Two types of turbines that are normally used to direct the water over the running wheel. In impulse turbines, centrifugal pumps are used to direct the water while in impulse systems a series of nozzles are used to capture the water and direct it over the running wheel.


Your system will need one or more controls that turn on so that excess energy is not lost. After all, many utility systems will buy this excess energy allowing you to make a profit on your system. The controllers also help protect the system, so that serious over or under voltage does not reach your house. If this over or under voltage were allowed to reach your house, then it could damage your appliances or burn up all the electrical wiring in your house. Technically, you do not need controllers on your system, but they are very useful in making sure that everything is working properly.

Dump Load

On occasion, your system will produce more electricity than the system can handle. Therefore, it is necessary to have a dump load that gets rid of this unwanted electricity. Commonly a way to do this is to build space or air heater into the system that will safely remove the electricity.

Battery Bank

The battery bank is one of the most expensive parts of a wind turbine system, but thankfully that is not the case with a micro-hydro generator. The main reason for this difference is that you only need enough batteries to last two days. While system owners have several options, deep-cycle lead-acid batteries are the most cost efficient option.


Like controllers, technically you do not need meters on your system. The advantage is that they allow you to see how much energy you are producing and how much you have in storage. This allows you to know rather you need to be careful about the amount of electricity used and let the system catch up or if you are in great shape.

DIY Hydro Set Up
Main DC Disconnect

The main DC disconnect should be inside a steel enclosure in your system. This piece of the system is vital so that you do not experience mechanical failure throughout the system when one part breaks down. It also helps to control electrical faults so that you do not accidentally have an electrical fire.


When water is used to produce electricity, the electricity is in DC form. Almost all things in your home, however, run on AC electricity. Therefore, you need an inverter to convert AC electricity to DC electricity.

AC Breaker Panel

You probably already have a breaker panel within your home. The wires that run to your breaker box need to be attached to your system. The panel helps to send the electricity to various areas of your home where it is needed.

Kilowatt-Hour Meter

The kilowatt-hour meter allows you to connect your system to the main electrical grid in your area. Many electrical systems will give you the meter. Once you are connected, instead of having to pay for electricity, the electrical provider in your area where pay you for your excess electricity.

Rain - Hydro Electric Power

There are many reasons that you may want to use a APMHydro – micro hydro generator in your home. One of the top fears of the government is that an attack on the electrical grid will knock out everyone’s electricity. While man can produce these attacks, so can the sun. When you have your own system, then your life can keep on going normally.

More information on our favorite alternative energy company :
Alternative Power & Machine – Solar, Wind & Hydro Home Power Set Ups

4040 Highland Ave, Grants Pass, OR 97526
(541) 476-8916


Creative Stickers to Spice up Your Home

Custom Stickers are all the rage! People put them everywhere, but since this site is about the home we’re going to talk about cute ways to spruce up your home. We pull almost all our ideas from our friends over at CoverItInVinyl. You can pick up all these ideas from them on Etsy.

Now lets dive into the difference between stickers processes and why you want to use screen printed custom stickers.

During our research we talked to the professionals at 123stickers.com – They are amazing. @123stickers (877) 778-4253

You want to deal with companies who offer advanced digital printing coupled with die-cutting technology. However, printing the stickers should still be done the old fashioned way. Well, guess what, you can get all this and more with Screen Printed Custom Stickers. You may wonder what is all involved in screen printing stickers. “Can I do it myself?”

Low and behold, let’s delve a little deeper to get a better idea of what it is all about.
Never Miss the Toilet Toilet Sticker
Apparently, screen printing had its origin in China round about 3,000 years ago. Modern day printing firms all make use of screen printing technology to print stickers in all shapes and sizes. Various impressions are used for a Screen Printed Custom Stickers to see the light of day. Some would be black and others will be green. What happens is that the two impressions would be combined to make a two-color sticker. Let’s use this example to give you an idea how it works.

The Screen Printing Process Explained

Below is a detailed explanation to give you a better idea how the whole screen printing process works:

* Two screens would be used to pull this off. The first being the green impression and the other being the black impression. There are yellow areas on the screen itself, where the ink would pass through.

* What happens next is that the green screen would be placed on the company’s printing press. Great care is taken to ensure the screen is aligned properly.

* From here they would use green ink that is specially formulated to be applied to the green screen.

* Two large squeegees would then run over the ink to ensure it is in place, upon which the machine itself will vinyl sheets into place

* Not to worry, it doesn’t disappear anywhere, but a series of well-positioned steel fingers and suction cups would get hold of it to ensure they go into the machine.

* Then, large squeegees would alternatively spread in across this screen before scraping off any excess ink.

* The ink itself goes through the screen onto the sheets.

* At this point the ink would dry instantly, thanks to the powerful ultraviolet light

MailBox - CoverItInVinyl
Generally, up to 500 sheets are needed to finish the printing job. Once done, the sheets would be neatly stacked before it is taken to the press again. Now, the green screen would get a clean and be put away for another day.

At this point, the black screen comes into play and is carefully mounted on the press. Then, black ink will be applied, and the same sheets that have been treated with green ink will now get a black impression onto it. The whole printing process will be repeated, but this time the sheets would go through the slitting machine. Now, the sheets will each get four slits to ensure it has the necessary peel backing.

From here the stickers can be trimmed using the cutting machine, after which it would be carefully aligned, and five horizontal cuts will be made consecutively. At all times, the operator of the machine needs to use both his or her hands to activate the blades and reduce a possible injury. Now, the sheets will be turned upon which the process will be repeated, but this time seven vertical cuts will be made. That is pretty much how screen printing is done.

Screen Print Custom Stickers in Vinyl for your home.

Cute Stairway Custom Sticker

Custom stickers that are made using screen printing is the new holy grail in terms of promoting your brand, product or services. The point is that they serve you all hours of the day and are often termed as “Miniature Billboards” in terms of getting your marketing message out there.

Business owners are very proud to display their advertising message on crystal clear screen printed custom stickers that are UV resistant and weatherproof.

Do not be surprised to learn that big and small business owners achieve massive profits through using the latest screen printing processes. Not only does it prove to be a low-cost and flexible promotional tool, but it holds various benefits that are worth taking a look at.

Here are some of the benefits that businesses rave about.

* An endless array of colors you can make your selection from to align with your current color scheme.
* Design ideas that anyone would be proud of, all at no additional costs should you choose to make use top quality screen printing firms.
* Vivid graphics in that all stickers printed will have crystal clear images of your company’s logo that would involve 36 to 65 lines per inch.
* Stickers that are very strong and durable as well as long lasting. After all, screen printing companies make use of premium-grade sheets when running it through their screen printing presses and utilized lightweight inks that are of a high quality.
* The custom stickers will show no signs of any cracking, fading, bubbling or peeling years down the line due to the superb workmanship and high-quality materials used.
* Business are offered various options with regards to Two Tone or Four Tone Screen Printed Custom Stickers.
* Professional designers are on standby to assist with any last minute changes in terms of the desired artwork or any other ideas that may pop up.Custom Stickers for Bathroom
* Various adhesive options are available for screen printing such as low tack, ultra-tack and super tack adhesives.
* Custom shaped die cuts, and back printing options are on offer.
* All customer stickers are super durable and can be used indoor or outdoors to last for years to come


Only the best inks, coating, adhesive and materials are used. Coupled with a wide array of color choices in all sorts of shapes and sizes that includes the design, many a business owner may think it will cost them an arm and a leg. Hardly, they will actually end up paying less for good quality screen printed stickers than what they would have to pay for alternative advertising methods. It is clear why custom made screen printed stickers are the most economical way of doing business.

Simple Home Garden Improvements That Are Affordable And Fun

Your home garden says something special about you, especially if it so happens that you showed it more than the usual attention in your attempt to make it truly appealing and welcoming to all. Improving your garden can be a lot of fun and affordable as well. Now you can take advantage of 4 easy to do garden improvement projects that can be done over the weekend. After all, most of the projects people tackle involves a little free labor while the only cost would be the materials you use.

What will you do with two full days? Time to grab some fun filled home garden project ideas. How about going with some of the following fun garden improvement projects

Freestanding Garden Arbor Entry

Maybe it is time to set up an eye-catching portal to your outdoor living space using a freestanding garden arbor. It is a superb idea to get yourself a nice looking kit in either cedar, redwood or even vinyl at your local home depot. Typically, you are looking at sizes that are around 3 to 4 feet wide and 7 feet high. Unfortunately, you’ll have to assemble it all by yourself. On the other hand, you can always host a garden party and dare your friends to put it together within an hour or three.

Summer Awnings for Your Windows

Too much sunlight can be overbearing at times. While summer is great, you do not want your AC to work overtime due to Mr Sun heating up your interiors a little too much as your windows are south or west facing. Isn’t time you beat the heat, save some energy by installing some appealing window awnings to halt the harshness of the sun.

Residential awnings as a means to provide some welcome relief is a pretty cool idea. They come in all colors and sizes to match any home garden. Some are made from aluminum, others from plastic. but most awnings consist of waterproof materials. Did we mention that they are super affordable?

Defining Your Planting Beds with Garden Edging

Have you ever thought of edging your garden as a way to define your planting beds? Avid gardeners consider this to be a great way to separate lawn areas from your patio or garden. You are spoilt for choice in terms of your options as far as edging your garden beds are concerned.

Metal and wood edging are said to be about 4 or 6 inches high and they seem to look like little fences, but they work well to keep your edging in position as some of these include spikes as well.
Plastic edging proves to be a better choice as you can blend it in with either wood, stone or even brick materials. Should you choose to make use of stone edging, then you will have to get digging to ensure it complements the 8 inch wide edging.

Beautiful and Versatile Hanging Baskets

You may have seen lovely hanging baskets when visiting your local nursery, which inspired you to give it a go in your own home garden. They sure are the cherry on top as they adorn your garden by hanging all around your outside space above pergolas, patios or porches. Your visitors can’t help but look upwards to see nature suspended in space.



While the super attractive hanging baskets seem easy to create, they do require more than the usual attention to maintain them. Whether it be Boston ferns or something a little more floral, you need to regularly tend your creations to prevent it from drying out. Have you tried plastic material for your hanging baskets? These does not dry out as quickly as the ones made from more porous materials. It goes to show why plastic hanging creations are becoming more popular.

Wire baskets on the other hand, are way more attractive even though it requires more time to create. It is well worth the effort though, as they require very little water to maintain them. With other baskets you could always make use of a pre-made coir as the first layer, then use a piece of black plastic that has holes in it to ensure proper drainage.

Beauty From Effort

Putting a bit of effort into your home garden will go along way to bring endless pleasure to both you and your visitors as your garden will become a real haven and resting place at the end of a hard day’s work.